Action Music

[bd_themecolor]Action. Adventure. Impact. Momentum.[/bd_themecolor]

Heroes And Legends
Epic and powerful. Strength , Power and Momentum.


Welcome Aboard
Swashbuckling Adventure on the High Seas.


Bourne Again
Suspense and Espionage.


Tension. Steady and unrelenting. Ends with a Release to Triumph.


Contemplation, Wonder, Awe and mystery. Strength and Might.


Congo Rundown
Ethnic Percussion and  Wind Instruments color the Action.


Dark Pulses push forward. Heroic Ending.


Lord Of The Underworld
Dark bows to Guitars and Heart-Pounding Drums


Paradigm Shift
Steady and Deep are the mood and color. Progressively gaining strength.


Swashbuckling on the High Seas or Battling in the Desert.


Take Two
Cool, Smart Vibe for a more clever character.


Sword Fight or Period Battle. Steady and Determined.


Ocean Grooves
Clever and groovy cool theme for the Sly.


Roll The Dice
Fun, smart and energetic.


Where Do I Cut?
Tense and Gruesome.


Primal Dust
Epic, Powerful. Strength and Momentum.



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