Broadcast Music

[bd_themecolor]Broadcast. Opens. Closes. Corporate. Logos.[/bd_themecolor]

Magic Carpet Ride
A Night at the Oscars. Playing in the Snow. Soaring through the clouds.

Broadcast 7
Catchy 3 note theme. Broadcast TV open or Logo fly-in.

Moth And Rust
Moody and Driving. Momentum from massive percussion.

Assembly Required
Energy and rhythm drive to the peak.

Energetic yet mellow. Pushes to the peak.

Bam Bam Blues
Quirky. Bringing simplicity and fun.

Adventurous and Dramatic.

Roll The Dice
Fun. Smart. Energy with a flair.


Music For All Media

[vimeo 35181715]
[vimeo 41584601]


[vimeo 41584756]


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