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Richard and Lisa

Richard and Lisa Bowling

Growing up in little old Santa Fe, TX, with highly supportive parents was a good combination to help me “tap into my imagination” and form my interests early in life. Basically I made movies with my parents VHS video camera and my grandma’s super 8 camera and “analyzed” film music so that I could reproduce it on the piano. It made sense to me after graduating high school in 1986 to attend Dick Grove’s School of Music in Studio City, California where I studied arranging and composing, with an emphasis in film scoring. From California I Returned to Texas where I did further education for about 2 years, but chose rather to learn by doing, investing time and finances independently in both filmmaking and music production. It was during this time that I built up my first video and audio editing workstation. It was also during this time that Jesus saved my soul, my marriage and most certainly my life.

In 1992 I began the adventure of being fully surrendered to following the Lord. Prior to 1992, I had been involved in Filmmaking and Professional Music which served as a foundation for all that the Lord would have me do. In 1995, After Serving 3 1/2 years as intern for music and youth pastor Dick Shotwell at FBC of Alta Loma, I began in full time ministry leading worship for Grace Covenant Church in Coeburn, VA. Grace Covenant was a church plant from FBC of Alta Loma. From there I followed God’s lead to Hattiesburg, MS, where I assisted in another church plant. The Church plant in MS was unfruitful and I returned to Texas. in 1996 My mentor, Brother Dick Shotwell, passed away and shortly after his passing I interviewed for the music and youth position at FBCAL. The search committee chose a different direction which left me thinking that my “ministry” time was over. Desperately I sought the Lord and He opened a door for me, through some high school friends, to lead worship in Alvin, TX for Pastor Al Jandl where I was soon given the additional responsibilities of graphics as well as producing all the weekly TV broadcasts. Al Jandl was on the air both locally in the Houston area as well as in Europe. From Alvin, TX I followed God’s lead to Austin, TX, where I served Shoreline Church in the capacity of Worship and Creative Arts Pastor.

In the 15 plus years I have been involved with full-time Church Ministry, I have led worship as well as built creative and technical teams. I have directed music rehearsals for vocals, rhythm section as well as a full symphony orchestra. I have written and directed theatrical productions, produced television broadcasts, built media teams, and successfully managed large departmental budgets. During my tenure at Shoreline I was responsible for every element in the service that the congregation would hear or see, as well as the epic stage productions that Shoreline became well known for in the Austin area. Shoreline’s multiple campus model placed a high value on creativity across all the campuses. Whether it was musical, theatrical or media and graphics driven, I was responsible to oversee the entire process of the creative pipeline from inception to execution.

In summary, if I have a singular strength it is to communicate through media.

(From left) Matthew (17), Judah (14), Mariah (20), Josh (19), Reece (2), Aria (21), Micah (11), Amber (5) and Jordan (8) not pictured are our recently adopted children, Eliyanah and Kevin Michael


  • To be involved in a church body that’s striving with excellence to further God’s Kingdom
  • To worship God and lead by example.
  • To Communicate the Gospel through effective and compelling Visual Storytelling
  • To develop the gifts and talents in others and give opportunity to use their gifts and talents in ministry



(October 2012 to Present) Worship Leader FBC Bloomfield, NM

Manage all Creative and Technical Teams listed below:

  • Worship, Audio-Video, Sound, Lighting, Drama, Production, Decoration
  • Manage annual budgets for each of these departments
  • Serve as friend and pastor to all involved on each team
  • Produce video and Graphics as needed


(2012) Worship Leader at Foundation Christian Ministries, Bastrop, TX

Temporary (interim) position covering FCM’s Worship Leader transition

  • Audition and Assimilate Musicians
  • Direct Rehearsals
  • Provide leadership in Service and rehearsals


(2000 – 2008/2010 – 2012) Pastor of Worship Arts, Shoreline Church – Austin, TX

Managed all Creative and Technical Teams listed below:

  • Worship, Television, Marketing, Sound, Lighting, Drama, Stage Production
  • Managed annual budgets for each of these departments
  • Served as friend and pastor to all involved on each team





Cast a vision for the Worship Ministry that supported the vision of the Senior Pastor

  • Led worship for all services on a weekly basis
  • Recruited and enlisted high-quality musicians
  • Built teams of worship leaders for weekly rotation
  • Rehearsed weekly with choir, band, horn sections
  • Arranged and taught vocal parts
  • Arranged and taught horn parts
  • Planned all worship services and special events
  • Composed songs for worship and special events
  • Produced a live worship album
  • Focused on worship leadership development
  • Lead the Creative Process for each service



Produced a Weekly Television Broadcast for the Austin, TX Area

  • Executed pre-taping setup including gray scale charts and control room preparation
  • Directed the four-camera taping of each service
  • Produced the open, close, sermon content, and advertisements for each broadcast
  • Supervisedproduction of weekly video announcements, special videos, and sermon transitions
  • Provided original custom music for each element



Produced and Directed Stage Productions annually at Christmas, Easter, and July 4th

  • Conceptualized and wrote original scripts
  • Established the art direction, costume, and set design
  • Created and recorded original music arrangements
  • Managed all logistics – auditions, casting, and rehearsal schedule
  • Effectively mobilized up to 500 volunteers per production
  • Rehearsed directly with actors and vocalists
  • Oversaw all other aspects of the production – rehearsals, live music, Pre-Recorded music, lighting design, and sound design


Directed and Produced Two Short Films

  • Pre-production planning – generated script idea, storyboarding, lighting, and art design
  • Directed all shoots
  • Executed all post-production including – video editing, sound design, and special effects
  • Composed and recorded the original score for each film
  • Experienced with Film cameras, HD, RED ONE and DSLR cameras



Richard (center) Setting up a shot for “Mission Kids”



  • Met weekly with a team to develop ideas that creatively supported and enhanced senior Pastor’s weekly messages
  • Coordinated with the necessary people and teams to execute all of the ideas generated within the creative meeting



  • Conducted a live 80 piece orchestra for special events
  • Composed and/or arranged all music performed including original songs and compositions
  • Planned, organized, and executed every rehearsal




(1996 – 2000/2008 – 2010)  Worship and Television, Living Stones Church – Alvin, TX



Much the same as the position mentioned above.  Additionally designed graphics for billboards, brochures and television.



San Antonio Christian Film Festival
2006 – “Best of Festival” Jubilee Award – “The Oath of Desormeau” – composed the 55-minute original soundtrack

Public Television Professional Contract
1998 – Composed and recorded music track for Houston Public Television Logo (Lark International)

SCALESTHENICSA New Adventure in Sight-Singing
1992 – Composed and recorded audio book with for the Oklahoma Music Educators’ Convention

The University of Texas Interscholastic League
1986 – Won 1st Place Medal for the State Music Theory Exam and the Most Outstanding Performer Award

Musical Skills Include:
Piano, Voice, Traditional & Contemporary Music Theory, Orchestration, Arranging, Recording, Conducting

Computer Skills Include:
Cubase, Avid Pro Tools, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Apple Motion, Apple Color, Sibelius, Lightwave 3D, Vue, Planning Center Online, Pro Presenter, Word Press (this website)



David Cherry – Coworker, Friend
Technical Director-Shoreline Church
Ph. 512.750.8701

Pastor Kevin Kinchen – Friend, Coworker
Living Stones Church-Alvin, TX
Ph. 281.235.8845

Stephen Robinson – Filmaking Partner
DFI- Facilities Generalist
Ph. 512.970.1926

John Harvey – Friend
New Braunsfel, TX 78130
Ph. 830.237.5353

Cissy Luke – Coworker, Friend
Service Producer-Shoreline Church
Ph. 512.431.8467

Ben Saird – Coworker, Friend  
Chief Audio Engineer-Living Stones Church

Keith Eitel, D. Miss., D. Theol.
Dean  |  Roy Fish School of Evangelism & Missions
Professor of Missions & World Christian Studies
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Steve Sensenig – Friend

More References upon request


Click for a copy of Richard Bowling’s Resume (Right-Click to download)


Live And Studio Worship Recordings

For more Worship Audio Examples go HERE

 Modern Hymn Arrangements

Live Worship Videos


Live Worship Set – Foundation Church
Richard at center keyboard, Matthew (son) at right keyboard


Everything To Me
Original Song by Richard Bowling (Shoreline Church in Austin, TX)

For more Worship Video Examples go HERE


Special Event Examples


Introduction For Rob and Laura Koke
Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted
by Richard Bowling

More Hope, More Dreams
Composed, Orchestrated and Conducted
by Richard Bowling

You Raise Me Up
Arranged, Orchestrated,  Performed
by Richard Bowling

Wind Beneath My Wings
Arranged, Orchestrated and Conducted
by Richard Bowling

2011  Shine Womens Conference – Open
Original Song by Richard Bowling
Orchestral Track Pre-Recorded by Richard Bowling

Graphic and Special Music Examples

“Heart Of A Champion” Sermon Transition Video
Music and art direction by Richard Bowling


“Day 3” – Sermon Support Video and Music by Richard Bowling


“Made For More” Sermon Support
Video and Music by Richard Bowling


For More Motion Graphics examples go HERE 



Messiah, Deliver Us! – Opening Song from the Easter Production – “HERO REBEL SAVIOR” – Written and Directed By Richard Bowling (at Keyboard)

The Woman At The Well – Scene from the Easter Production – “My Friend The King” – Written and Directed By Richard Bowling


Film and Video Projects


Glimpse “Bonus Edit”


Mission Kids “Bonus Edit”

Evangelism 101  – Sermon Support

Thief On The Cross – Sermon Support


Watch Other Videos by Richard Bowling


Hear and See more examples on the Music and Media pages.


Additional Resources

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My Vimeo Page:

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My Social accounts: and and Llinkedin

Graphics work at a glance: Richard’s Adobe Behance page


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